7th Can. Reconnaissance Regiment

XVII Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars

December 17, 1944 -  Februari 3, 1945

December 17, 1944 the regiment took over positions from 8th Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment:

- B Squadron between Dreumel and Alphen

- C Squadron from the Rutten family along the Waaldyke in Dreumel to a point halfway Dreumel  and Wamel.

- A Squadron filling the space untill Wamel.

December 18,  1944

A group of Canadian soldiers was surprised in their sleep during their first night in Dreumel ......


January 1945: Sergeant Ken Fish(er) and Mientje Voet  near a brencarrier in the Veerstraat

January 1945: Nellie van Beers  and Wracky near a brencarrier in de Veerstraat.

January 1945: Marcel Lefèbre and Joop Voet, at the back of the ferryhouse of the Voet family, Waaldijk. January 1945: Laurie and Minnie Voet, on the stairs that lead to the Waaldyke

January 1945: L-R: Joop Voet, Marcel Lefèbre, (6 troop B Squadron), Mien and Laurie along the Voet residence, Waaldyke.

Daimler at the back of the residence of the van Oorsouw sisters. (Vluchtheuvelstraat);

A scoutcar of B Squadron somewhere in Dreumel

Photograph take at the back of the van Welie residence, Rooijsestraat 55; L-R: Burt Banks, Leny, Joke van Welie, Bruce Henders, Riek van Welie; (4th Troop)


A Canadian officer near the residence of the van Welie family, Rooijsestraat

Canadian officers on a motorbike at the residence of Antoon van Welie, Rooijsestraat 55;; Left: Antoon van Welie and Leny van Welie

L-R: Tpr. Corrigan, Tpr. Maurice (Mort) Lyons, Allan Notman Canadian soldiers with inhabitants of Beneden-Leeuwen

Bruce Henders Burt Banks L/Cpl David Sullivan E. Kennedy (C Sqdrn
Jim Johnny Vignault Stanley Falconer Thomas Montgomery
Tpr. Corrigan Maurice (Mort) Lyons Alan Notman