Monument at St. Andries again reveiled

Citizens take initiative out of respect for the fallen British soldiers

by Jos van Koolwijk

Heerewaarden, 2012 May 4th - Many people were present this afternoon to see the unvealing ceremony of the re-newed monument. A new head made of Corten steel replaces the bronze head that was stolen January 2012..

October 1944 a patrol of  'A' Squadron. was ambushed near Fort Sint Andries, close to the sluice complex at Rossum. Three men escaped, four were killed while the rest was taken prisoner by the Germans.

October 1999 a monument was unveiled to commemorate the troopers Hadwin, Stopher, Merrit and Walker.

Citizens of the "Dorpsraad Heerewaarden" established a working group consisting of Jan Visser, Riny Maas, Joris Baudoin, Martin v.d. Houdt en Jos van Koolwijk made new plans and were supported by all kind of parties.

Martin van den Houdt from Dreumel once again was responsible for the new design. This time he choose to make a head made of Corten steel.

Obviously, the idea behind the monument once again was leading in the design. To prevent stealing he chose to make a head of Corten steel, using the latest techniques. This means a model of a 3-D scan was made and then cut into slices.

Unveiling ceremony
2012, May 4h the monument was unveiled by the children of Martin van den Houdt in the presence of
Burgomaster and Aldermen of the Communities of Maasdriel and West Maas and Waal, children of the primary school in Dreumel and Heerewaarden and many others.


Photo report

pupils of adoptionschool "De Oversteek" from Dreumel. pupils of "Tweestromenschool"from Heerewaarden

Video report made by Zamaa




Photographs made by Genol de Jong from Heerewaarden.


In 1999 civilians and veterans together built this beautiful monument. January 2012, the bronze head was stolen and this beautiful memorial was left "beheaded".

And once again there were citizens who - supported by the directors of the municipalities Maasdriel and West Maas en Waal - ensured that the monument was restored.

On behalf of all British families, veterans and their families, I would like to thank everyone who helped to restore the Hadwin & Stopher Memorial and everyone who was present at the unveiling ceremony this afternoon.
A special word of thanks goes to the members of the spontaneously formed group for their time and energy and a deep bow for Martin van den Houdt, the creator and designer of this beautiful head of Corten steel. Martin, chapeau!
Jos van Koolwijk
2012, May 4th