43rd Reconnaisance Regiment

20 oktober t/m  10 november 1944

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June 13 1944:

Regiment embarkes for Normandy
June 24 1944: One of the ships runs on a mine (Derrycunihy): 200 soldiers are killed
September 17 1944: As part of XXX Corps regiment departs for Holland
September 24 1944: regiment moves to Zetten - Andelst.
October 4 1944: regiment moves to Nijmegen.
October 16 1944: regiment is ordered to take and hold  Maas and Waal

Regiment takes positions:

- C Squadron in Wamel;

- A Squadron in Dreumel;

- B Squadron in Alphen.

HQ is established at Maasbommel.


"Able Four has casualties"  

October 26, 1944: a patrol was ordered to take Fort St. Andries. The result was dramatic..



Johnny (Bennett) and Sgt. Mac Magog together with girls of the Voet family near their house. (OP) Johnny Bennett at the Voet residence, Waaldyke, Dreumel

In the garden of the van Deursen family along the Waaldyke, Dreumel; L-R: Alan Griffiths, Bill ???, Ken Franklin, Wally Wright; in front Jo Story

In the garden of the Voet  family along the Waaldyke, Dreumel; L-R: Ken Franklin, Joop and Mien Voet, Bill ??, Jans and Alan.


A carrier driving through the muddy Rooijsestraat in Dreumel; at the back left the former town hall; in the carrier L-R: Trooper Arthur Rowley  and Sgt. Burgess

Carrier in theVeerstraat. At the rear the Waaldyke. L-R: English soldier called "Wracky"and Nellie van Beers

Photograph taken in the outhouse of the Rutten family, Rooijsestraat, Dreumel. On this photograph soldiers that took part in the fatal patrol (October 26, 1944) to the fort; standing L-R: Harry Thompson, John W.Walker (?), Frank Thompson, Ron Merritt (?), Ray Surrey, Jock Valentine. Seated L-R: Ivor Davies, Mrs. v.d.Oord-Rutten, Mr..Wim v.d.Oord, Cpl. Alec Palmer, Mr. Adrie van Wichen.



Tpr. D.G. (Geoff) Croad ( C Sqn. 11 Tp) in Wamel


L-R: Edward (Ted) Finch MiD, Sgt Magog and Tpr Cedric (Tad) Tadman at ALPHEN. (Netherlands)

L-R: Rudland, Spirit, Bill Leach, John Bennett, Bob Dow, ? Albert van Os, Jock Kerr, Bert van Os, Toos van Os, Grada van Os, ?? Wally Pansford, Mien van Os, Sgt Mac Magog, Finch, ??
Anna van Os, ?? Alf White, Gerrit van Os (sitting)
Fred Sylvester however says: Rudland, Spirit, Bill Leach, John Bennett, Cedric Tadman, Sgt Ponsford, L/cpl. Kerr MM, Sgt Magog, Tpr Finch, Alf White


L-R: Bill Leach, George (Johnny) Bennett and Sgt. Harry Rudland. ('A' Sqn. 2 TP) Jack Spirit and Sgt. Magog (extreme right) with Dutch civilians

L-R: Cpl. Latham, George (Jock) Kerr, Tpr. Robert (Bob) Dow. Photo taken in the street opposite the house of the van Os family

Gautrey, Alfred (Alf) White and Sgt. Wally Ponsford (? 07-12-1944, Brunssum WC)


Bob Dow Bill Leach Alf White Cedric Tadman
Jack Kerr Harry Rudland Gautrey Joep Welchen *

Dutch interpreter

Lt Hornbrook Ken John Latham Lt Philip Lavery
Sgt Mac Magog Nat Armstrong Sgt Carabine Sgt Quartermaster Burke
Sgt Walton Sgt Smith Sgt Sam Small Jack Spirit
Tom Chalk Thompson Ted Finch Walter Ponsford ?
Kenneth Fellenor